Librarian Social Network Analysis ( In Progress )

2019 - R / Shiny / Javascript / HTML

A Shiny App that allows you to quickly and easily visualize library instruction sessions in the form of a network graph. Application and paper ( "Considering Customer Relationship Management (CRM) using Social Network Analysis (SNA) in Academic Libraries: Assessing Collaboration and Opportunities for Greater Faculty Engagement") are in progress. Expected : Spring 2020

Github ( beta version )


2019 - Javascript / HTML / CSS / PHP / Python / MySQL

ThesisLink is a web application that visualizes over 50 years of metadata from undergraduate theses by New College of Florida students. It presents users with an alternative: to view undergraduate theses as objects that are associated to each other via what we call intellectual links. The landing page gives you an idea of the intellectual production of NCF undergraduate students.

Website - Github - News

Rds Of Thnigs: Using RDS Technology For Smart Cities

2018 - Embedded Systems ( Raspberry Pi, Arduino ), C, Javascript, NodeJS, PHP

RDS of Things uses RDS technology to send encrypted data in smart city applications, as an alternative to other technologies such as Wi-Fi and GSM. It won first prize in the biggest national science project competition in Turkey. We had a chance to represent Turkey in EUCYS 2017, and won K. Soumyanath Memorial Award in the world's largest pre-college science competition, INTEL ISEF. Eventually, I presented it in ICSG 2019 and it got published.

Paper ( IEEExplore ) - Github - Intel International Science and Engineering Fair - EUCYS


2017 - PHP / HTML / CSS / MySQL

Sitemaktif is a website monitoring tool, like Pingdom. This was a fun project. I used multiple servers to monitor websites and it was a challenge to sync all of them. It can also continue checking even if the main server is down.


2010 - Present - PHP / HTML / CSS / MySQL

─░ ( means "look at drugs" in English ) is Turkey's second biggest drug information website. The website is serving over 2m+ users every month. I am responsible for web development, server management, cleaning publicly available data, working with health professionals.