About Me

I grew up in Ankara, Turkey. I got into computers when I was almost 10 and write code ever since I realized how beautiful it is to create something on your own. During the middle school and high school years, I created 20+ websites for my customers, developed lots of startup ideas for myself, gained lots of experience with PHP, HTML/CSS, JS, NodeJS, and other technologies.

Towards the end of the highschool, I discovered other fields in computer science. I worked on a technology called "RDS" with my friend and tried to use it in smart cities as an alternative to other technologies such as Wi-Fi and GSM. The project won first prize in the biggest national science project competition in Turkey. We had a chance to represent Turkey in EUCYS 2017 in Tallinn,Estonia and won K. Soumyanath Memorial Award in the world's largest pre-college science competition, INTEL ISEF in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Eventually, I presented it in ICSG 2019 and it got published.

I am currently studying Computer Science at New College of Florida. I spend my days studying, developing cool projects for Digital Scholarship Studio, playing piano and tennis, and exploring the United States.