Fabric is a lightweight, open-source tool for visualizing and reporting library relationships.

Website: https://dss.ncf.edu/fabric/
Github: https://github.com/ncflib/Fabric/
İlacabak.com is Turkey's second largest medicine information website.Ilacabak's aim is to provide comprehensive, up-to-date information to both consumers and healthcare professionals. Ilacabak serves over 3 million users every month.

Website: https://www.ilacabak.com/
Nunneries of Bhutan
Nunneries of Bhutan is a website that aims to map all of existing nunneries in Bhutan.

Website: https://dss.ncf.edu/bhutan/
Sitemaktif is a website monitoring tool, like Pingdom. Accomplished to use multiple servers to monitor websites and send customers notifications when their website is down, hacked or slow.
ThesisLink is a web application that visualizes over 50 years of metadata from undergraduate theses by New College of Florida students. It presents users with an alternative: to view undergraduate theses as objects that are associated to each other via what we call intellectual links.

Website: https://dss.ncf.edu/thesislink/
Github: https://github.com/ncflib/ThesesLink/
Dolphin/Manatee Observation App (iOs and Android)
An app that aims to allow citizen scientists to report observations from Passive Acoustic Listening Stations and provide reports to researchers in a usable format.

Github: https://github.com/kutlay/Dolphin-Manatee-Observation-App/
RDS Of Things: Using RDS Technology For Smart Cities
RDS of Things uses RDS technology to send encrypted data to be used in smart city applications as an alternative to other technologies such as Wi-Fi and GSM. It won first prize in the biggest national science project competition in Turkey. Represented Turkey in EUCYS 2017, and won K. Soumyanath Memorial Award in the world's largest pre-college science competition, INTEL ISEF. Presented in ICSG 2019 and got published in May 2019.

Paper ( IEEExplore )
International Science and Engineering Fair ( ISEF )